DLFPV 3 in 1 – Lost UAV Tracker/ Battery Low Voltage Checker / Signal Loss Alarm

  • 3 IN 1 Buzzer-Low-voltage alarm/Discovery alarm/Signal Loss alarm
  • RC Quick Tip - Adding a Lost Model Alarm / Buzzer
  • Lost Quadcopter - rc airplane finder alarm
  • DIY lost plane finder / low voltage alarm
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DLFPV 3 in 1 Quadcopter lost UAV tracker with battery low voltage checker and signal loss alarm.

Product description:
Specification: Input voltage range: 5.2-26V DC, 2-6 Cells LiPo
Max working current: 120mA(LED flashing with Buzzer sound)
Standby Current: 10mA
Low voltage setting value: 3.4-3.7V/Cell(Red LED indicator)
Buzzer: ≥95db
Super bright blue 5050 LED, 20lm, 0.2w
Dimension: 20*28*10mm
Weight: 5g

F1. Lost Plane Finder
Connect the Receiver, use the Aux channel(e.g Gear)

F2. Low Voltage Alarm
A battery voltage monitor
Support 3S-6S lipo battery,Low voltage setting value: 3.4-3.7V/Cell
Press the small black bottom for three seconds to set the low voltage value
Low Voltage Alarm notify you once the cells reach preset voltage with led flashing and Buzzer sound

F3. Signal Loss Alarm
Connect the Receiver, use the Thro channel
Monitor the Receiver and Transmitter signals

Package Includes:
1 * 3 in 1 Quadcopter Lost Plane Tracker& Battery Low Voltage Alarm& Signal Loss Alarm
1 * Cable

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