DJI Naza-M Multi-Rotor Auto Pilot Version 2 with GPS

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What’s new with the DJI Naza-M Multi-Rotor Auto Pilot Version 2 with GPS?

  • Hardware PMU V2 – New case design with CANBUS port.
  • Enhanced BEC functionality, better heat dissipation.
  • Extra CANBUS ports, enhances the expandability of the system and will support Gopro Zenmuse, iOSD and Bluetooth module for assistant software use on smart phones in the future, etc.
  • NAZA V1 can also be upgraded using PMU V2 and support Gopro Zenmuse, iOSD and Bluetooth module.
  • Firmware and functions -New attitude stabilization algorithm, provides better flight performance / maneuverability.
  • New flight control performance, provides better flight experience; (flight control is smoother, take-off is easier).
  • Support for Octo-rotor – One-motor stopped still can land safely (Hexa-rotor, Octo-rotor).
  • Automatic course deviation compensation, reduced the effects of magnetic disturbance; interference around the compass detection & warning.
  • Added IMU advanced calibration, error identification and warning, reduced the impact of sensor error to the flight performance.


  • All-in-one Design
  • Independent PMU with amazing function extension
  • Advanced & Improved Attitude Stabilization Algorithm
  • Nine Types of Multi-rotors Supported
  • Multiple Flight Control Modes
  • Intelligent Switching
  • GPS Module Available
  • Accurate Position Hold
  • Intelligent Orientation Control
  • Enhanced Failsafe Mode
  • Two Levels of Low Voltage Protections
  • Motor Arm and Motor Dis-arm PPM
  • S-BUS & Ordinary Receiver Supported
  • Independent LED Module
  • Built-in Gimbal Stabilization Function
  • Multi-rotor One-power Output Fail Protection
  • Remote Gain Adjustment
  • New Assistant Software & Firmware Online Update

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