BGNing Necessity Kit for 450 4-Aix Quadcopter / Hexacopter Multi-Rotor Aircraft

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The BGNing Necessity Kit – 920KV Motor plus 30A electronic speed control, 9045 propellers, APM2.8 and GPS for 450 4-Aix RC Drone Quadcopter / Hexacopter Multi-Rotors UAV

Package Includes:

  • 2 X 920kv Cw Motor
  • 2 X 920kv Ccw Motor
  • 4 X Hobbywing Platinum-30a-Pro 2-6s 30a Speed Controller Esc
  • 2 X Carbon Fiber Propeller Cw Ccw 9045 Cf Props
  • 1 X Forty-Six More Spin Axis Flight Control Board Fixed Wing Apm2.8 2.5 2.6 Upgrade Version With Built-In Compass
  • 1 X 6m Gps With Compass L5883 25cm Cable
  • 1 X Multifunction Power Distribution Board 5.3v Bec
  • 5 X 10cm Servo Extension Lead Wire Cable Male To Male Kk Mk Mwc Flight Control Board
  • 1 X Universal Gps Folding Antenna Mount Holder Metal
  • 12 X 3.5mm Banana Plug
  • 1 X Hook And & Loop Fastening Tape
  • 1 X Deans Style T Plug Male Connector Silicone Wire With 11.5cm 14awg
  • 1 X 8s-5a 5a U-Bec Ubec Input 9-30v 3-8s Lipo Battery 8-24nimh R7

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