AvatarRC Geniune Gemfan Propellers for 250 Size Quadcopters

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The AvatarRC Geniune Gemfan 5040 (5×4) green propellers for 250 size quadcopters and multi-rotors are perfect for 210mm to 300mm frames.

The Gemfan 5040 propellers have raised the standard, and are used by some of the best FPV pilots and racers with 210mm through 280mm size quadcopters (quad) and multirotor drones. Made from quality ABS plastic, these propellers offer the performance that top pilots have come to love, yet deliver the reliability that the causal hobbyist expects.

The vibrant green color of the propellers gives your drone a sporty flare, and provide easy visibility if you’re flying your drone by line of sight (LOS). High performance and reliability doesn’t have to have a high price tag, these propellers are affordable and within any flying budget.


Material: ABS Plastic
Length: 5 inches
Screw pitch: 4
Center hole diameter (hub): 5 mm
Weight: 1.5 grams (A United States penny is 2.5 grams)
Color: Vibrant Green
Compatible motors: Cobra 2206,T-motor 2204 E-Max 2204, SunnySky X2207S, SunnySky X2206, and other motors
Compatible frames: ZMR 250, QAV 250, H250, FPV 250, Vortex, and other 210mm to 300mm size airframes

Package includes:

4 clockwise propellers
4 counter clockwise propellers
8 adapters for 4mm hub
8 adapters for 3mm hub
8 adapters for 2.5mm hub
(You need 2 clockwise and 2 counter clockwise propellers to fly 1 quad, this package includes enough propellers to fly 2 quads.)

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